Tracking Solution

Product No: ComTrack   Model: VTU V4.0
  • ComTrack family of products consists of a range of vehicle tracking devices. The base model is VTU V4.0
  • Each device has GPS and GPRS modules.
  • The GPS module in the device collects the lat, long and other parameters and sends the data over GPRS to a ground station running ComFleet.
  • Higher variations of these devices have the ability to read sensor data like fuel level, temperature etc…
  • Through the 8 I/O line and 8ADCs and send these to ComFleet over GPRS.
  • The SD card provided has the ability to sore large volume of data if the GPRS link fails.
  • The antenna for both the GPRS and GPS is internal there by preventing any possibility of tampering.
  • The GPS module specs include 44 satellites, 20 channels, 5 accuracy, <1s hot start, <40s Cold.
  • Panic button, customizable mounting, battery display, etc are options.
  • Can handle 5 – 24 V inputs.
  • GPRS specs – class 10 (up to 85.6 Kbps Quad – Band GSM – 900/1800 MHz, 850/1900 MHz.
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