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LAN cable- Cat 6 -Havells

Great internet speeds bound to come by with Flexible LAN CablesInternet is the worlds platform for all day to day activities and a good LAN speed is the ultimate happiness goal. With the smartly desig
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Sanitizer is a substance or fluid designed to kill germs on skin and objects. ... Sanitizer also refers to household products (especially hand sanitizer) that are used to prevent the spread of disease
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HypaShield 6 Layers Anti - Bacterial Mask With Val

acteria Filtration Efficiency > 99.17 for small particles (3 micron). 6 Layers protection including double Meltblown filtering layers. Ear-loops or headband variants available. Free flow exhalation
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CP-NA-BB70 Portable Blackbody

Portable Blackbody
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CP-NNC-T451-T Body Temperature Detection Network C

1/2.8” 2MP PS CMOS Image Sensor - Visible Camera On-board temp-detection algorithm Thermal Sensitivity
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KN95 Anti - Bacterial Mask

Non-Woven Cloth Melt Spray Filter Cloth Filter Cloth Skin-friendly Non-woven Cloth
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SK-T008 Infrared Thermometer

Unit Conversion °C or °F optional. Rapid Measurement. 32 Memories Both for Body and Object. Non-Contact Measuring Temperature. Beep Temperature alarm function. Support LCD display with back lig
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YS-ET05 Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Sensor, convenient and accurate temperature measurement. Three-color backlight design, timely judge the body temperature, with intelligent alarm Multi-purpose Temperature Mode Switch
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CP-200 Infrared Thermometer

Unit Conversion °C or °F optional Rapid Measurement Infrared Probe Beep Temperature alarm function Support LCD display with back light Automatic Closing screen Non contact Temperature Recordin
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Wired Cameras and Wireless Cameras
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Telecoms Products

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Vehicle Tracking

School Bus Courier vans